Sausage and Cheese Pizza

            It is getting harder and harder for the consumer to find good mozzarella cheese for making pizza at home. I live on the west coast and I now have to special order whole milk mozzarella cheese. All the stores are carrying is skim milk mozzarella. The skin milk cheese does not melt properly and has no pull. If a novice tries making a pizza with skim milk cheese they will be disappointed and think that you can't make good pizza at home. I make better pizza than I can buy. Hot, fresh, the way I like it from my own oven.

            Ask your store to carry whole milk mozzarella cheese. If you have to, special order it. I just bought a case today that I had to special order. It cost me $50 for four 5 lb bags. I freeze it. When I am ready to make a pizza I take a bag out of my freezer and smash it with my rolling pin to break up enough cheese to use. It works fine. The cheese is just going to melt anyway.

            I have had problems getting good parmesan cheese also. Some brands have no flavor and don't melt in cooking. The shredded parmesan seems to be ok, but again it depends on the brand.

            We consumers need to be more assertive with our local stores. If you have a problem in your area getting quality cheese, go in and talk to the manager and ask them to stock better quality cheese. It's out there. Complaining never hurts. If they won't stock good whole milk mozzarella or good parmesan cheese then start looking around. Once you find a source you will be set. Look in your phone book yellow pages for food brokers, wholesalers and distributors. Make some phone calls. If they are not into pizza supplies ask who in your area is.

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