vbm2.gif (35730 bytes)Remember the thrill of making bread for the first time in your new bread maker? That was a long time ago. Did the generic shape and texture of the loaves just get boring over time? Is your bread maker in the closet with your other kitchen gizmos or on the fast track to your next garage sale? It is time to rediscover bread makers.

Video Bread Maker will show you how to make bread every bit as good as loaves made by hand using a bread machine or mixer. Bread makers are used as tools, to do the work of bread baking. Bread makers are used for mixing and kneading only. All baking is done in the oven. No more clean up or mess.

Video Bread Maker is a cooking class that you take at home in your spare time and at your own pace. No previous baking experience is required. This DVD is visual step-by-step instruction. Learn the “secret of yeast”, the key to all bread baking. How different types and combinations of flour affect the texture, taste and size or density of breads. How to locate and purchase the finest ingredients while saving money.

Video Bread Maker makes white bread, whole wheat bread, dark rye bread, buns, rolls, free form loaves, French and Italian bread shapes, honey buns and pizza. Also - treating crust, using different types of yeast, skipping a rising, coloring loaves, adding seeds and braiding bread.

Start using your bread maker again - today. May your bread rise to the occasion!

(DDS - Cataloging Information/Call Number DVD/VC 641.815 V65r)

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Better bread baking starts with Video Bread. The recipe for success!