How often do you come home from work, too tired to cook and call out for pizza. Fifteen to twenty dollars later the pizza man arrives and life is good.

Sound familiar. You are not alone. Everyone loves pizza. Kids think pizza is a food group. Need a pizza fix right now? Why not learn to make your own pizza at home. It’s fast and easy.

Video Pizza Pro will show you how to a make better pizza at home than you can buy. It will be better because you made it, with just the right amount of everything, thick crust or thin. Fast pizza in the oven in twenty minutes, for less than three dollars and no special oven or pan is required for great crust. Or take your time and let the dough age. You can even have your bread machine or mixer make the dough. Try the no-knead dough.

Video Pizza Pro is broken into four segments. First, two traditional pizzas are made by hand - fast. One cheese and pepperoni and one with the works. Then Chicago deep dish and a massive stromboli. Next a couple of chicken pizzas. A chocolate chicken mole and a BBQ chicken . Finally a variety of hand pies using the no knead method so popular today. The hand pies are similar to calzones.

Tips are given to make the ordinary home gas or electric oven produce crust ever bit as good as a pizza oven. Cook in a hot oven or take your time. Video Pizza Pro will make you a believer. Start making your own pizza today.


(DDS - Cataloging Information/Call Number DVD/VC 641.824 V65r)

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VIDEO PIZZA PRO   Be a Pizza Pro
(94 min DVD)  $39.95

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