VIDEO BREAD 101 - Introduction to Bread Baking (120min DVD)

logo1.jpg (13966 bytes)Bread baking has become a lost art. A generation or two ago your mother or grandmother made bread for the family. Today we just don’t know how anymore. We forgot!

I would like to teach you how to make bread at home in your spare time and at your own pace. VIDEO BREAD 101 shows how to make white bread, shape dough into buns, rolls, free form loaves and treat your crust in a variety of ways. Make French bread, Italian bread, stone ground whole wheat bread and caraway rye bread. VIDEO BREAD 101 is a take at home baking class.

Bread baking is something you really need to be shown how to do. It lends itself well to video. VIDEO BREAD 101 is visual step-by-step instruction. It is like having a private tutor in your kitchen.

A formula approach takes the magic and guess work out of the baking process. The science of baking, nutrition and cost/source of ingredients is covered in detail.

VIDEO BREAD 101 thoroughly describes “working with yeast”. This secret will allow you to master the art of bread baking. Learn how different types and combinations of flour affect the texture, taste and size or density of breads and much more.

In the first and longest segment, the viewer learns how to bake a "basic" loaf of bread. A formula approach takes the magic and guess work out of the bread baking process. The viewer receives science and background information on yeast and flour and a good understanding of their function in bread baking.

As an example, yeast is an organism grown commercially in large vats and then dehydrated. The water is removed. The yeast goes into a dormant state like a seed. We need to rehydrate the yeast, add the water back, to bring it back to life. We "soak" the yeast, let it sit in the water at 110 degrees for seven minutes. Temperature is important. Yeast will come alive between 70 and 140 degrees, but at 140 degrees we will start to kill the yeast - too hot. At 70 degrees, the yeast will start to come alive, but too slowly. We want to time the release of the gas into the bread baking process. It is our window of opportunity.

Once the viewer knows how to bake a "basic" loaf of bread, we go on to bake a variety of yeast products. Start baking today and may your bread rise to the occasion!

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