VIDEO BREAD NOVICE - My First Loaf (37min DVD)

        More and more people are making their own bread today. If you have been wanting to give bread baking a try, this is the title for you. Learn right from the start.

        Video Bread Novice shows how to make a basic loaf of white bread. The process is explained in detail from start to finished loaf. Learn to proof your yeast and gain a through understanding of its function in bread baking. How the gluten in flour forms the structure of the finished loaf. How to knead dough and for how long. How to shape your loaf. How long to bake and at what temperature.

        Video Bread Novice is visual step-by-step instruction. Itís a cooking class that you take at home, in your spare time and at your own pace. No previous baking experience is required.

        Video Bread Novice will encourage you to learn more about bread baking. Maybe you have not made bread for years and just need a refresher course. Maybe you have never made bread before. There is always more to learn and today is a good day to start. Itís great fun.

        Bread baking is a craft. You can make better more nutritious bread than you can buy. Cost is another incentive for making your own bread. A good loaf of bread in the store is not cheap anymore.

        Start baking today!

(DDS - Cataloging Information/Call Number DVD/VC 641.815 V65r)

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Better bread baking starts with Video Bread. The recipe for success!