The Best Muffins are Made at Home.

        Do you like muffins with big beautiful blueberries? How about chocolate muffins, made with pecans, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Or maybe, banana nut muffins with chopped walnuts. Yummy local blackberry muffins. Video Muffins Magic shows how to make all these breakfast treats and more.

        Video Muffins Magic is broken into six easy- to-follow stand alone segments. Learn to make all the muffins listed above plus bran muffins and a good old-fashioned coffee cake with slivered almonds. Make muffins once a week and have them on hand for a quick breakfast. Use only the finest ingredients that commercial bakeries may feel are too expensive.

        Video Muffins Magic is a cooking class that you take at home in your spare time and at your own pace. No prior baking experience is required. Learn when to use baking powder vs. baking soda and why. Learn to construct your own muffins. Go to the store, look at a muffin and go home and make that muffin. Video Muffins Magic is visual step-by- step instruction. Learn the science of what is going on and why in the baking process.

        Start making better muffins at home than you can buy - quickly and inexpensively. Start today! It is fast and easy once you know how.

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